It was a busy summer in the Balearics

According to an article released by the local online newspaper Cronica Balear which cites official reports, the Balearic islands received until October a volume of 12.8M international tourists, an increase of 11.8% compared to the same period last year.

This volume has placed the Balearics on the second place among the Spanish autonomous communities, preceded only by Cataluña.

For the month of October it’s been reported also that the Balearics occupied the third position in the ranking, preceded by Cataluña and the Canary Islands.

The main volume of international tourists visiting the Balearics comes from the German markets (Swiss, German & Austrian) which represent nearly half of all the incoming tourists. The Brits are the second with nearly a quarter of all the tourists visiting the Balearics. This year’s number of British tourists represents an increase compared to the past year which is unexpected due to the #brexit.

The expectations for 2017 are of similar volumes, but as it turns out the specialists say that starting with 2018 the increase in volumes will moderate.

But Mallorca (and all other islands of course) isn’t beautiful just during the summer as there’s plenty to do in the winter as well. The moderate winter and lovely weather makes Mallorca perfect for excursions, hiking, bike riding and a lot more activities. Not to mention that it’s during the winter when most of the local fiestas are scheduled and take place so there’s a reason to be here if you fancy the culture and heritage.

I’ve been publishing on Mallorca Gallery a series of galleries taken during the winter so if you’re not convinced yet just drop an eye on those galleries and you’ll most probably reconsider.