Amazon Dash now available in Spain

For Amazon and several other major online retailers Spain has always represented one of the most important emerging markets.

Having this privilege has had a lot of benefits for the Spanish customers of Amazon along with Amazon Prime, unlimited cloud storage and so on.

But now Amazon took it to the next level and brought to Spain the “Dash Button“, an IoT device that makes ordering your favorite products on Amazon much easier.

To use the Dash Button you just gotta purchase the button you need from Amazon’s site and once you get it you can configure it using a smartphone app to work on your WiFi connection.

The button costs 4.99 euros which will be credited back to you the first time you push the button, making it basically free of charge.

While there’s only 23 brands available on the Spanish version, there’s surely more to come over the upcoming period so if you purchase some household stuff from Amazon on a frequent basis then the Dash Button should be a good asset at home.

I personally am a bit skeptical about using the Dash Button since the IoT is convenient, but still not secure enough for me, but I truly recommend it as a neat device for those purchasing a lot from Amazon.